Steve Heimbecker’s artistic approach is to create in layers: layers of meaning, layers of representation, layers of media from analogue to digital, layers of audio, image and technology. Over his career he has consistently included a cross-modal approach to this layered process. Cross modality is the ability to simultaneously integrate information from different sense modalities such as light and sound. In recent years he has integrated digital image and sound within dedicated audio-visual media array networks he designs. These arrays deliberately produce unpredictable multi-channel outcomes based upon a theme in sound and image whose diffusion structure is metaphorically similar to rhizome root systems found in nature.

Heimbecker has created sound immersion systems for his audio art compositions, installations and performances for nearly 3 decades. Defining space and the architecture of space through sound immersion fascinates him.

He is a long time explorer of the outside world, both urban and natural. He employs the use of “field recording” for sound and image collection, which provides his content and informs the complex diffusion protocols he authors to make his multi-channel immersions. He uses mapping and scaling techniques to proportionally capture large outdoor spaces and long periods of time to then be reduced into intimate exhibition size productions. This approach demands the patient collection and creation of very large libraries of field recording material of the selected subject. This library of digital files is then used to create multiple branches-streams-channels of ever changing audio-visual content within the artwork.

Heimbecker invites the observer to take their time to experience the often-subtle layers he has provided. He wishes to create immersive hypnotic artworks that enable diverse, and far-reaching associations from the multi-angled representations of unique physical places. The common threads of human experience and perception help to generate a rich immersive experience for the observer.

Steve Heimbecker has created award winning art works across Canada, Québec, and Europe. He lives and works near his art studio in Saint-Etienne-de-Bolton, Québec, or in situ at national and international artist residencies.



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